Customization Options

If you're wondering just how customizable our buildings are, you've come to the right place. In this post, I'll be showing how we can take any of our designs and fit it to your needs - or, alternatively, we can create an entirely new design built just for you! 


First, let's talk about our sheds in general. At Tamarack Sheds, we believe in true quality. Our team of local craftsmen work tirelessly to perfect each shed before they are delivered. As a result, our sheds are longer-lasting, nicer-looking, and better-built than much of our competition. Our owner oversees each shed through its building phase and is personally involved in each project from design to delivery. Customer service and client happiness are our priorities, and we believe that shows with our customization options as well as other aspects of our business.


Do you just love the look of our Diamond Peak Shed, but only have a small space to place it? We can build any of our sheds to a different scale! An 8x12 Diamond Peak would be just as stunning and unique as our 10x16 version.


To show you what we mean, here is our original 8x12 Mountain View Cabin:

mountain view1.jpg

A client came to us, absolutely loving the design and feel, but wanting something bigger for their own property - and in different colors. We were able to accomadate their wishes and made them this beautiful version of the Mountain View: 

36293814_2052560731675682_7405944118607609856_o (1).jpg

We've even done another variation of the Mountain View for a business in Prineville! Take a look at this!




Our Rimrock Utility Shed is another example of our customization options. Here is our original Rimrock.


And here is a collage of other Rimrocks we have built! (This is one of our most popular designs!)


But, wait! What if you want something totally different than something we've made before? We can do that, too! Come to us with your ideas and specifications.
Things to consider:
-What size space do you want?
-What are you planning to do with the space?
-Would you like windows? 
-What style roof do you like? 
-What door style do you like?
-And anything else of course that you would like to set your design apart! We will also ask you about your siding and roofing preferences as well as any additional aesthetics (like our signature truss or curved corbels). 

An excellent example of one of these custom designs is our Lava Butte Shed. Our client needed a space to store their motorcycles and wanted it to match their existing home in style and color. We were able to make a totally unique space for them and it has become one of our more iconic designs.

Lava Butte1.jpg

So, now it's your turn! Tell us how you would customize one of our designs - or what you would like to design for your own purposes! We love hearing your ideas! 

As always, call us, stop by, or send an email with any of your questions. We look forward to helping you build your ideal space! 

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