5 Ways to use our One-of-a-Kind Pet Palace

Think it's only for

your pets?

Think again!

Our unique and beautiful Pet Palace was of course designed with our furry friends in mind, but did you know you can do so much more with this space? We've compiled a brief list of ideas to help you see what we see!


1. An Outdoor Oasis For Your Pets
Of course this was the original design purpose. We wanted a space that could keep your pets warm in the winter and cool in the summer. That's why it's insulated and well-ventilated! The windows provide light and fresh air, the dog door leading to the deck provides a space for your sweet fur-baby to curl up in the sun, and if you add the optional cyclone fencing and pull-down shade, it's all enclosed and shaded! Alternatively, leaving it open allows space for you to put a chair on the deck with the BBQ and your beloved companion can keep you company while you grill. Just make sure your yard is fenced so your sweet critter doesn't wander off! The opposite side is ideal for storage - dog food, supplies for BBQing, and nearly anything else!

2. A Saddle and Tack Area
Looking for more of a space for your horses? We've got you covered! The storage on either end is ideal for saddle and tack - as well as keeping supplies dry and pest-free. 

3. For the BBQ Extraordinaire
Maybe you don't have pets or you aren't looking for an outdoor retreat for them, but for yourself! Well, look no further! Our Pet Palace is also optimal for a BBQ patio and eating area! Entertain your friends and relax, all while taking in those beautiful Central Oregon views. With storage on either side, there is plenty of room to keep your BBQ supplies, and a simple ceiling fan addition to the deck area will keep the air flowing even on those hot summer days! Pull up a chair and give it a shot!

4. Potting Shed/Lawn & Garden
Sometimes all you're looking for is a place to store lawn and garden equipment. This beautiful structure allows enough space for your lawn mower and other gardening supplies. Use the deck as a sitting area, or set up some tables and use it as a potting area! 

5. Simple Storage
Of course at Tamarack Sheds we are always used to clients who just need somewhere to put all their extra stuff. The Pet Palace is perfect for even that. With one insulated side, you can keep more delicate items safe, while the other side can be used for general storage. The middle can be enclosed for more storage, or add a swinging bench for a fun and beautiful place to relax. (It's almost Valentine's Day, folks, how romantic is that?) 

What other uses do you envision for our Pet Palace? Drop a comment below - and remember - the Pet Palace is on sale today through February 17, 2018. We are clearing out space for new models, which means we need to move our gorgeous one-of-a-kind Pet Palace - to your home! Free immediate delivery included (within 30 miles)! Come in to see this beauty and to get our special clearance pricing on this unit! AND for the lucky new owner of this beauty, get a FREE 60 lb bag of dog food for your dog (your favorite brand!) as well as 4 New York Steaks for the BBQ! You and your pet will be able to enjoy a wonderful meal courtesy of Tamarack Sheds all while enjoying your pet's new digs. Stop by today!

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