Bend Area Habitat for Humanity

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Today, we are going to deviate from our typical blogpost and do something different.

Did you know in Deschutes, Crook, and Jefferson counties there are 787 homeless people? Even more are “precariously placed”, meaning they don’t know if they will be able to stay where they are in the next month - either because they are staying with family or are having a hard time paying rent. It’s no secret that cost of living in Bend and the surrounding areas is high and the job market hasn’t caught up with the influx of people moving to the area.

The Bend Area Habitat for Humanity has done much to lift the burdens of struggling individuals and families. Since 1989, 126 homes have been built and they’ve repaired more than 100! They have served more than 800 children and adults with their efforts. Their impact on the community has been significant with an estimated $235.2 million total assessed value of their building efforts and investments in the area.

Habitat for Humanity homes are sold to families whose income is 30-50% of Bend’s median income. These homes aren’t given away. These families and individuals work and they are able to purchase their new place at an affordable mortgage rate.

Tamarack Sheds was fortunate enough to attend the 2019 Riverhouse on the Deschutes Gala celebrating the Bend Area Habitat for Humanity’s 30 year anniversary. Our team had a table and participated in the live auction! We donated a shed to the auction, and we were so inspired by the other generous gifts donated by local businesses in Central Oregon. It was so inspiring to hear from the board of directors (who informed us that 100% of profits donated are able to go directly into a home! [The nonprofit’s overhead is taken care of by the ReStore locations.]) as well as a sweet woman who was able to purchase a home through their program. There was hardly a dry eye in the room after her story.

We feel incredibly blessed to have been able to participate in this event. We encourage you, as you are considering donating to reputable charities in the area, to place Bend Area Habitat for Humanity high on your list of potential places to give. After attending this gala, the general consensus at our table was that while there are many wonderful charities, there are few places where you know your money will have as much impact as helping to house a person or family who may otherwise have difficulty.

Thank you all for your continued support of our community and of course our business! Enjoy these photos from the event.